Agile Microlearning

Explore! Experience! Check!

Agile Microlearning

Explore! Experience! Check!

Agile Microlearning

Explore! Experience! Check!

How it works?


Sprint is a short, interactive knowledge pill!


Today you have an idea, tomorrow you have a sprint ready. And even faster!


Sprints consist of one or more logically arranged exercises.


Smartphone, tablet, computer – one sprint across multiple devices!


Watch out. You earn or lose points for most exercises!


The sprint report, will help you check and analyze the results.

When is it beneficial to use sprint learning?

Sprints Box

Woman working outdoors in a meadow with laptop

Create knowledge pills to teach others how to handle different situations in an interactive way.

Knowledge test

Business Contemporary Company Strategy Firm Concept

Create dynamic exercises with which you can test your knowledge at any time.

Employee communication

Need to reinforce knowledge of company values, health-oriented behaviors, etc.

Client communication

If you want to share information about your company, products or services with clients. Create your sprint.

Feedback 360°

International group of business people putting fists in circle

You can do this as a sprint and at the end you will get a report with a detailed analysis of the responses.

Pulse check

healthcare heart

When you want to test as quickly as possible the attitude of the people in your team towards the goals, the new way of working, etc.


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Do you have a question? A suggestion? A few kind words? Write to us! We will reply in a sprint!

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